Sunday, October 2, 2011

...that phrase came into my mind, and I knew it applied to him as well as the robe. He'd been a devoted Christian all his life, and "re-accepted" Jesus as his personal Savior from a wonderful evangelist I'd known as a real rascal from college. I was briefly surprised at how young he was; but mature. Then I was standing right in front of him and could feel his hands lightly holding the backs of my upper arms. We looked into each other's eyes and I heard the word "brother" but I noticed his lips didn't move. Then the scene became dim--I was just behind the right side of a concave line of maybe a dozen people, wearing robes and Lawrence of Arabia-type head coverings. Dad was in front of the middle of the line, and someone stepped up behind him and put a similar article on his head. I knew he was now complete, and I found myself again lying on my bed. A few minutes later my brother-in-law called and told me Dad had died. This "earthly" verification of what I already knew sent me into a crying fit. Eventually it tapered off, and in the early pre-dawn light a simple rectangular representation of a face appeared on the ceiling: horizontal lines for eyes and mouth, and a triangle in the middle. Everything but the triangle faded out. I thought to myself "I don't understand," and the face came back. It faded again, and this time I said out loud, "I still don't get it!" A voice in my head said "Blow your nose." That was what the triangle represented. I blew my nose and smelled a marvelous aroma, strong and throughout the house. I wish I had remembered the smell every few days or so, so that I could remember it now like the way I can remember how a rose smells

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