Sunday, October 2, 2011

From a friend named Toly: Dad had lung cancer from a collapsed lung from a fall--he never went to a doctor and didn't know he was in trouble. As he was in no pain--ever--he told the doc he missed his wife and had some questions for God about Newton's second law. I was supposed to bring some friends to Bartlesvile who'd flown into Tulsa that night. It was said he'd last another week or two, but based on things that happened to him in his 30s he could've walked outta the hospital if he wanted to. For some reason I tidied up my house and then went to sleep lying on my back on the bed. At 4:45am on Feb. 28, '78, I saw a large brilliant--but not shiny--gold oval in front and above me. Through that my father stepped, in a white robe brighter than anything possible on earth but not dazzling. The Biblical phrase "without spot or blemish"

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