Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Can't believe I'm already four days late. Oh, me. Today I pitched to the AARP magazine an idea: not liking poetry that confuses and annoys (much the way I feel about most abstract art --just not to my liking--) I realize I am very out of step with the "most sophisticated" poetry today --if it doesn't make any sense, then what's the point? The New Yorker is my favorite magazine -- but about half the poems that appear (2 each week) just leave me cold --because they leave me floundering. I have no interest in writing poetry like that. I think a lot of people don't think they like poetry because what we don't understand makes us feel stupid. I am on a mission to write poems that bear thinking about but do not baffle readers -- poems with a spiritual component but that enlighten subtly. Poems that use the most specific, yet artistic, language available. As a teacher, my first goal was to help my students to understand literature SO THAT THEY WOULD LOVE IT ALL THEIR LIVES. If feedback is worth anything, then I at least sometimes succeeded. Life must be so much more pleasurable to readers than to non-readers. And poetry is the most concentrated of all language, so it deserves more attention than looser writing. But my mission is to let people in to my poems for a moment of joy or humor or just understanding. Any comments out there???? Katie

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